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Sampson - K9Kare Rescue Ranch

Sampson came to us in very rough shape! His mange was out of control and needed attention immediately. K9Kare was able to get his mange under control and return him to the healthy pup he is today!

Unfortunately, Sampson is still at the Rescue Ranch in Alvin, Texas. Sampson is one of our special needs puppies who requires a very specific home. Sampson enjoys having his freedom to roam between his own space and outdoors. However, being a bully breed, he is very strong and has the tendency to be overzealous with other dogs. Sampson is also partially blind as he has damage to his left eye. However, don't let his needs deter you, this boy is super funny and a big goofball!

If you are interested in Sampson and feel you have the ideal lifestyle and home for this special guy, contact us today!

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