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For over ten years now K9Kare has rescued dogs, cats and an occasional bunny from dire situations and sometimes literally minutes from underserved death. We at K9Kare have always remained true to our commitment to these animals that they would never again be neglected or receive marginal care. We have also never left a momma behind or shied away from a fearful or tough case. We have oftentimes been the last resort for many of these animals.


27 Dogs

Each animal costs $45 monthly to provide food, a safe warm place to sleep, and proper care

5 cats

Call the Rescue Ranch their forever home for various reasons. They are either not at all adoptable or very likely not going to find an adopter.

A monthly donation of $10, $25 or $40 will help us maintain the high level of care we provide for our sanctuary animals, but any amount in between will help!



Read the bios of our sanctuary animals below.

Click on the 'Sponsor' button.

Check off 'Make this a monthly donation' and enter your desired amount.

List the animals name in the comment box you wish to sponsor.

Follow along with the steps to complete your transaction.

Wait for cute updates from the Rescue Ranch from your new sponsored buddy!




Rudi came to us from Harris County Shelter with her litter of puppies. She stayed at a fosters house until her puppies were adopted and then she came to live at the Rescue Ranch. She is a very sweet girl who loves biscuits and her chihuahua friends in the small dog cottage.

Rudi can be picked up once you catch her and she won't bite, but she doesn't enjoy being held. Because she is feral she hasn't found a home of her own.



Goose was dumped in awful physical condition. He was urinating blood, rail thin, with double ear infections, and a horrible skin condition. The lady that found him couldn’t keep him, so K9Kare stepped up and took him in. He has called the rescue ranch home for approximately 5 years now. Goose is on numerous daily medications due to his chronic ear infections, skin condition, and severe arthritis. Despite having indoor/outdoor access he struggles with not soiling his room.


Goose is such a sweet boy. He loves spending time with the other dogs in the doggy socials and will make sure you know he is ready for some attention. On a hot day, Goose will stand there while you give him a bath with the water hose. It is his favorite part of the day!



Woody was found in a neighborhood. He must have been on his own for quite some time because he didn’t trust humans. It took the community over a year to catch him. Once they caught him K9Kare stepped up and brought him to the Rescue Ranch. It took him months to settle in and learn to trust people. Finally, he the opportunity to find his forever home in the PNW, but that was short lived. Shortly after Woody arrived at his foster home, he got loose and took off. It took the help of a dog tracker and lots of patience to earn his trust to get him back to the home.


Woody started to love his new foster home and his new dog friend, but sadly he couldn’t stay after he bit someone that came into their yard. He was brought back to Texas and now calls the ranch his home. He loves to be with other dogs in the dog socials and is grateful to have a cozy bed with soft blankets.



Ally was found dumped on a dirt road with her two puppies. A lady found her and called the Rescue to help with the puppies. She was going to keep Ally, but after Ally was bitten in the face by a snake, the woman abandoned her at the vet and never returned.

Both of Ally's babies are living in wonderful homes in Canada! After heartworm treatment and a spay, Ally was getting ready to find a home of her own, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We don't know how much longer sweet Ally has to live so she will spend the rest of her days snuggled in blankets at the Rescue Ranch!



Momma Zenobia came to the rescue ranch with two pups. Her pups were quickly adopted but Zenobia was feral and afraid of human contact. She has lived the last four years at the rescue ranch as a sanctuary dog. Over the years she has slowly warmed up to people but she prefers to keep her distance. However, she will definitely stick around for a moment if it means she gets a cookie out of it! Sadly Zenobia has multiple mammary tumors that are growing rapidly, we are not sure how much time she has so we want her to be comfortable and loved!



A shelter reached out about Roo who was on the euthanasia list. He was petrified and wouldn't let anyone get close to him. Roo has a deformity in his legs due to malnourishment when he was a puppy. Despite being sent to a reputable trainer, Roo is still semi-feral. He loves one person at the rescue ranch and only tolerates one other.

When put under pressure Roo goes into fight or flight mode and will bite to get himself out of a situation. His fear doesn't make him a bad boy, but it does make him less than adoptable. Roo loves eating cookies and chewing on toys. He is happiest cuddling on his bed with a warm blanket and a bone to chew on.



Sweet Peanut came to us from a hoarding situation. The home had 30+ dogs in it. He did come with another dog but that dog was able to find a home. However, peanut is feral and therefore never found a home of his own. He is a sweet boy that prefers not to be touched. He can be picked up but he shies away and doesn't love it.

He is a happy old man though. He loves his chihuahua friends in the small dog cottage. He loves to lay out on the porch and sunbathe.



Muppet came from a local shelter that was having a hard time adopting him out. He wasn't very friendly towards the people there. Muppet is a sweet, but selective guy. He only likes a handful of people and doesn't seem to like children or men.

Muppet loves hanging out on the bed and cuddling, playing with his chihuahua friends in the small dog cottage, and playing with toys. He is a hilarious boy when he gets the zoomies!



Dotty came from a shelter that planned to euthanize her and her puppies. While working on a plan to save both Momma Dotty and her puppies, a kennel tech at the shelter euthanized her puppies claiming they had parvo. Heartbroken about the news, we rushed and saved Dotty from the same fate, she has lived at the Rescue Ranch since.

Dotty is a sweet, funny girl. She loves to play with toys, have a good run around the yard, and bask in the sun any chance she gets. She loves attention from anyone that will give it to her. Since Dotty is an Alpha female she doesn't do well with other dogs. She is quite the powerhouse and doesn't do great on the leash.



Little Rocky was found abandoned in a field. We attempted to catch him for days before animal control stepped in to help us. We trapped him in a live trap the night before the temperature dropped to freezing temps. He was so scared!

It took about a month for Rocky to settle in enough that he wouldn't try to bite his way out of a situation. He has been at the rescue ranch for two years and has made some progress. Rocky can be touched, but he is so fearful that he will urinate all over himself. He will show his teeth at the first sign that you are going to pick him up.

Even though Rocky is feral, he is a happy boy. He loves to play with his best friend Muppet, eat treats, and snuggle up on the bed with his feral friend Peanut. We have hopes that one day Rocky will come around enough and will get to enjoy being loved on.

More of our sanctuary animals will be added weekly, continue to check back to meet more of our permanent residents of the Rescue Ranch!

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