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No Mommas Left Behind - Our Commitment to all the Momma Dogs of Texas

At K9Kare, we have a No Momma Left Behind Policy. When we rescue pups, we ensure the momma comes with us to receive adequate care and finds her furever home!

As much as we wish for a success story every time, sometimes, a momma is deemed un-adoptable due to overbreeding and health issues. Those momma's find their furever home at the Rescue Ranch.

There are currently 6 Momma dogs who call the ranch their furever home, these dogs are either feral, or have underlying health issues from being neglected and overbred, including breast cancer and mastitis.

Meet some our K9Kare Mommas who call the Ranch their furever homes!


Zenobia was picked up by animal control. They initially thought she was dead because she was laying listless in a field. Turns out she had two puppies with her. Zenobia and her pups came to the Rescue Ranch.

Her puppies are in the PNW living their best lives, but unfortunately Zenobia was deemed feral and unadoptable. Zenobia was eventually diagnosed with breast cancer from overbreeding and never being spayed. She now lives out her days with the other animals at the Ranch.


Ally was found dumped on a dirt road with her two puppies. A lady found her and called the Rescue to help with the puppies. She was going to keep Ally, but after Ally was bitten in the face by a snake, the woman abandoned her at the vet and never returned.

Both of Ally's babies are living in wonderful homes in Canada! After heartworm treatment and a spay, Ally was getting ready to find a home of her own, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We don't know how much longer sweet Ally has to live so she will spend the rest of her days snuggled in blankets at the Rescue Ranch!


Some of our Momma Success Stories

Without our loving supporters who have graciously opened their homes to our Momma dogs, we wouldn't be able to share these heartfelt stories!


Flora was pulled by a rescue in Montana from the euthanasia list at the local shelter. She was set to leave Texas when her flight was cancelled, unsure what to do, K9Kare stepped in to help.

Flora had 12 puppies where 10 of them survived. Flora was not your typical Momma, she had stopped nursing them at 2 weeks causing us to separate them from her at 4 weeks of age. After separation, Flora worked on decompressing and just being a dog, she discovered treats, toys and how to play. After sending her to board and train in the PNW, Flora was adopted into her furever home!


Bailey was surrendered to us from a family who neglected to provide her proper care. When she came to us she could hardly walk and was extremely malnourished. Baileys legs were so bad, we thought she was going to need multiple surgeries in order to properly walk again.

Bailey went to foster with one of our K9Kare Volunteers, with proper vet care and nutrition she made a full recovery and no longer needs surgery! Bailey fit in so well with her foster and fellow pups, she was officially adopted into the family! All of Bailey's pups have loving homes in the North East and PNW!


Jolie is a special story that left a mark on everyone's hearts! Jolie was pulled from a euthenasia list at a high-kill shelter in Texas. With clear signs of overbreeding, we were concerned she may be pregnant again, but thankfully after a vet visit they said there were no puppies in her belly.

Jolie was adopted to a loving family in the PNW to live her life with her new sister Pumpkin. One night they were awakened to find Jolie give birth to a surprise little puppy! Hours later, 8 puppies had successfully been born to one proud Momma! Jolie's rescue family happily took on the challenge of raising the pups, and finding them furever homes with the help of K9Kare.

One night, Jolie became lethargic and was not eating or drinking, after rushing her to the emergency vet, it was discovered she had one of the worst cases of mastitis, cancerous masses and fluid on the lungs.

Her overbreeding had finally caught up to her and Jolie passed over the rainbow bridge peacefully surrounded by her loving family.

Jolie's legacy lives on with her pups and the K9Kare team, we dedicate our No Momma Left Behind Cause to her and the rest of the Momma dogs of K9Kare.


Shop to Support our No Momma Left Behind Cause!

In coalition with Breast Cancer Awareness month, we have launched our No Momma line. All proceeds will go to helping the Momma's at the Rescue Ranch, as well as rescuing more Mommas and finding their furever homes!

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