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Mavis - Vancouver, BC Canada

Mavis was a street dog found heavily pregnant sleeping on someone's driveway. She came to K9Kare and had a litter of healthy puppies! After all her babies were adopted, Mavis had a hard time finding her furever home.

In November, Mavis was transported to the Pacific Northwest to be fostered by the same family that adopted Moose! Mavis was very scared and overwhelmed to leave her foster home in Texas after developing a strong bond to her foster family. Within 30 minutes of her being with Moose, they became the best of friends!

Mavis was with her foster family for three days, before it was agreed that she would be adopted and become a permanent member of their family!

Mavis is a sweet girl who lives for naps and snacks. She loves to snuggle with her family on the couch and will be the first one to volunteer to do floor clean up in the kitchen.

Mavis is still a puppy at heart, she loves to go to the dog park and run around with all the other dogs. She is still working on learning her manners but has taken well to her new family!

Mavis' story inspired her owners to jump in and volunteer with K9Kare, with the focus on re-homing mama dogs who have the hardest time finding their furever families.

Thank you to K9Kare for bringing us both Moose and Mavis!

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