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Molly & Bunny - Bellevue, WA

Molly and Bunny both belong to one of our lead volunteers! Molly was saved just an hour before being scheduled to be euthanized! There was nothing wrong with Molly, they simply just did not have the room for her.

Bunny was found tied up to the back of the shelter overnight, someone had dropped her off and the shelter could not take her. K9Kare was able to rescue her and give her the love she needed.

Both of these girls ended up being homed in Bellevue when they were adopted in early 2017.

Molly loves to play fetch while Bunny loves her frisbee. Even though these two are not actually sisters, they are tied at the hip and are the best of friends!

Dogs like these are in jeopardy of having their life ended every day simply because there is just no space for them in shelters across Texas. K9Kare will never give up on an animal in this situation, as it is clear to see the potential they have to be a wonderful family member!

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