At K9Kare, we will never leave a Momma dog behind. It's our policy that makes us unique in rescue. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are highlighting our Momma stories and offering an array of items for our followers to purchase and support the cause of 'No Momma Left Behind'.


Rescuing high risk animals in Southern Texas giving them a second chance at life.

Southern Texas is home to it's largest city, Houston. The fourth most populated city in America, ranked as one of the best places to live; it has a dark secret. 

In the city of Houston alone, there are over one million stray dogs and an even higher number of stray and feral cats. It is estimated that three million dogs will be euthanized each year within the Houston area. 

At K9Kare, we pull dogs and cats from these high kill shelters days, and sometimes hours from their death to give them a second chance at life. A lot of these animals have been neglected, abused, and may have life threatening injuries or diseases; however, their loving personalities and temperaments cannot be ignored. 

What makes us different than other rescues within the area is not only do we rescue as many animals as we can, we also care for the roaming strays in hopes that one day we can save them and find their furever homes. 

We also have our "no-mama left behind" rule, when we rescue puppies from high kill shelters, we ensure the mama comes with us as well to ensure she is not euthanized. 

We are 100% a non-profit, volunteer run rescue. Our Rescue Ranch in Alvin, Texas provides a clean, safe environment for animals to be cared for, assessed and then put up for adoption. All animals are transported to the Pacific Northwest to find their furever homes. 

Help us help these animals, and stop the cycle. Click below to find out more information on how you can help!