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Pepper - Everett, WA

Pepper has adopted in 2018, when she arrived she warmed up to us right away! We kept the blanket that K9Kare gave to us and she would snuggle right in with it in her kennel. To this day, the blanket is still with her!

We were looking for a bigger dog to join our family, when we saw Pepper we knew she was the one! Her sweet little face and unique spotting could not be passed up!

When Pepper first came to the Pacific Northwest, she would sit in the middle of our backyard with her nose straight up in the air! She still does this almost every day, breathing in the cold, damp air!

Her favorite things to do are play with her ball and snuggle up to us on the couch!

Pepper became a big sister recently when her parents gave her a human brother! She loves snuggling with him and making sure he is safe and warm.

We cannot image our life without Pepper, she is just the most perfect addition to our family!

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