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Moose - Vancouver, BC Canada

Moose was adopted in March 2019. He was a part of a litter believed to be staffy/lab crosses. Originally named Oliver, we changed his name to Moose thinking he was going to be a big boy! Moose started to get bigger but his legs never grew. We found out he had some chihuahua in him and would be blessed with the short genes!

Moose is so smart, spunky and loving. He is the best adventure dog, falling asleep in the car within 2 minutes and loving to see new sights and meet new people!

Moose is a very loyal dog, we hardly ever need to leash him when we walk and I am always confident in his roaming abilities that he will come back. To Moose, ball is life; he will play and play to the point where he will pass out sitting waiting for you to throw his ball.

Bringing Moose to Canada was very easy, the day of the adoption, we went to Seattle to pick him up, K9Kare gave us all our paperwork we needed for the border, a blanket and a bag of food!

He loves his "big" brother, our cat and will make it his mission in life to make the cat love him the same amount!

Thank you to K9Kare for bringing us Moose!

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