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Chance - Tenino, WA

We rescued Chance July 2019. We had recently put down our pure white husky that my fiance actually helped deliver, due to old age and as a family we were really feeling a missing part of us. We have two other dogs a border collie and a saint bernard and they were seeming a little more depressed than we were expecting so I went on a hunt for a pure white husky didn't matter age, gender, or where they were from we just knew we wanted another white husky.

One of my friends had rescued a dog from K9Kare and was just over the moon about her experience, and with having worked in a shelter previously I loved the idea of adopting from another place since all the shelters around the area I had already checked and just couldn't find the one, so I emailed letting them know what we had recently went through and what we were looking for. We were contacted about a dog that wasn't posted due to his medical condition but she thought he would be perfect.

I received some pictures of a couple options and one of the options being a pure white husky. An absolutely beautiful animal named Chance. Chance was an abused dog who had his collar embedded into his neck and was heart worm positive. We knew we had some work ahead of us but we were ready for the challenge. As we moved forward in the process, we grew more and more excited for our new companion and I was weekly checking in to see how he was doing medically, receiving pictures and videos every time I checked in. As we for closer I was able to get a hold of the very kind family who was fostering him for the seven-ish months he was in their care trying to know this dog before he came to us. What he likes and doesn't like what he was like with other dogs children and cats.

By the time the day came he was arriving in Seattle, we as a family couldn't wait to finally meet him and snuggle him! Bringing him home was better than we thought it was gonna go! He started out as a dog with no manners not even knowing how to handle being inside really (so much excitement he was literally bouncing off the walls) so it was a slow process being able to have him inside fully, but with multiple walks a day, both by himself and learning to walk with the other dogs, we have been able to get him to calm down and know this is a regular thing and you can be calm but still have fun inside.

He has gone from seeing our kitty as a steak to now being able to sit next to him and have the kitty rub on him, with supervision only but it's a start! He is so sweet and will climb in my lap whenever he has the chance! He's gentle enough my two year old can give him little bites out of his hand. He is ALWAYS ready to play and will finally go grab toys out of the toy bin. He knows when mom's in the kitchen that's the best place to be cause then you get tiny bites!

He has filled the missing spot we had in our family and couldn't be happier with the decision we made! He has fully become apart of our family and he knows he's home.

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